Do It Yourself

Want to take the Scholarship Lady Home?

 This DIY  (Do It Yourself) product was designed for the family/student that does not have time to have a scheduled session. Life is just too busy and you need all of the Scholarship Lady's wisdom and Scholarship database at your disposal. Well this product is for you!

Within this product your student will have access to downloadable zip file that contains step by step instructions for college preparations. These steps will help your student:

  • Apply to college
  • Create an educational resume
  • Create a College Board account
  • Sign up for Khan Academy
  • Create a College Grid

Your student will also have access to the Scholarship Lady's Scholarship Database. 


  • Student will have access to this information forever.
  • Students can complete each step at their pace.
  • Can share within your household (only).
  • Access to the Scholarship Lady's Scholarship Database.


  • Not face to face with the Scholarship Lady.

Watch this video to get more information about this DIY product.

Buy the Scholarship Lady DIY now for a one time fee of $99.00. 

To have access to the Scholarship Database pay only $14.99 a month. (Scholarships are updated regularly.)

Go to the website below to purchase the product: